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How do I cancel my Writing Feedback submission?
How do I cancel my Writing Feedback submission?

Instructions on how to cancel the essay or assignment you submitted to our Writing Feedback service.

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If you want to cancel a document you have submitted to our Writing Feedback service, here's how to do it in your Studiosity account. 

Open your Studiosity account and click on 'My recent activity' on the top of your account homepage.

You should then see a list of any documents you have submitted to our service that have been reviewed and are awaiting collection, as well as your current submissions awaiting feedback (and the document you want to cancel). 

Click on 'Cancel' next to the document you'd like cancelled and then hit the red button to confirm.  

You can also also update your submission with a newer version, without losing your place in the queue. Simply click 'Resubmit'.

Please note that you can only cancel or update the document before it has been picked up by one of our Writing Feedback specialists. Once picked up, you'll see it marked as 'Under review' and you won't be able to cancel or update it. 

If your account has limits on it (for example you're only able to submit a certain number of documents in a given period), your usage balance will revert to what it was before you submitted your document. Or in other words, once you cancel your document from the queue, 'it never happened'.  😉

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