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Writing Feedback - word count
Writing Feedback - word count

What to do when your uploaded file doesn't meet the word count limit

Updated over a week ago

Your Studiosity account gives you access to specialist feedback on any document, so you can make improvements to your own writing.

Your institution might set a word limit to the documents you can upload for feedback.

Sometimes word counts can differ between applications. Therefore, if you are seeing an error message (example below) at the time of uploading, please try removing some text (page numbers, footer, header) and try to re-submit.

If you've removed everything unnecessary and your word count is still too high, your last option is to find a natural point where you could cut the document in half. Maybe where you start talking about a new topic? And just pop a little note in the submission form to let the specialist know you've done this, so they know it's not the full document.

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