We never just ‘give’ you answers or correct your work - our standards are too high for that.

When you connect live for a session, we'll provide direction, guidance, feedback, support, and prompt to help you to get ‘unstuck’. Because getting stuck and overcoming it is part of learning.  We believe that overcoming those struggles in a productive way is crucial.

Similarly, if you submit a document to our Writing Feedback service, we do not re-write or proofread the work for you. The feedback you receive will include a summary pointing out the strengths and weaknesses in your work, suggestions on how to improve your structure, examples of common errors you might be making, and an assessment of whether your work is appropriate to the task set (e.g. different writing styles for a speech vs a persuasive essay vs a screenplay).

It is our aim to teach students to think for themselves and reach their own answers ethically, to ensure they know what to do next time.

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