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Can I get feedback to help improve my essay?
Can I get feedback to help improve my essay?
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Your Studiosity service can provide feedback both written and via live chat, on any piece of writing, or study question you are working through.

For detailed, written feedback, just click 'Submit your document' when logged in to your Studiosity account and we'll return it to you in less than 24 hours with feedback on how to make it better.

Or, if you need specific support with a small part of your work (eg less than 500 words), click 'Connect now' from your Studiosity dashboard, to chat to a specialist. You can request feedback in a certain area, for example your introduction or your referencing, and the specialist will guide you through areas for further thought and improvement. 

Here's what other students are saying after using Studiosity for feedback:

"I was very grateful for the amount of support provided and guidance in the areas I can improve on. I am so thankful for this service and to the support team member who helped me. Thank you so much!" - 1st year Undergraduate

"This was really helpful feedback that highlighted a lot of areas I can fix before submitting my work. I particularly appreciate being shown examples of where I needed to improve, but also where I did something that same thing well. It helps me see where I've done it correctly and how I can fix the error through examples found in my work. Much more helpful than just being told where I went wrong. It's also a confidence boost to receive positive feedback! :)" - 3rd Year Undergraduate

"Thank you for the easy to understand feedback. It is clear and I can now improve my academic writing. Quick turn around times enabled me to make changes to improve my essay before the due date. Thank you for your time again, I really appreciate it :)" - 3rd Year Undergraduate

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