Unfortunately you're not able to make any changes to your document in the queue, or to replace it with a newer version.

You can either wait for the feedback on your original document, or cancel it and upload your most recent one.

If you want to cancel your document from the queue, log into your account and click on 'Reviewed documents' on the right-hand-side of your account homepage.

You should then see a list of any documents you have submitted to our service in the past, as well as the document you want to cancel. 

Click on 'Cancel' next to the document you'd like cancelled and then hit the red button to confirm.  

Please note that you can only cancel the document before a writing specialist has picked up your document for review. Once it has been picked up (and it is marked as 'Under review'), you won't be able to cancel the document. 

If you are a student who has a limited amount of minutes / submissions in their account, your balance will return to what it was before you submitted your document.

If you want to re-upload your document once you've cancelled your original one, you're welcome to do so.  In order to prevent our system from believing you're uploading the same document twice, it's best if you give your new document a different name.  You can then upload your more recent file, which will enter the queue as if it were a brand new document.

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