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My chat window has frozen - what should I do?
My chat window has frozen - what should I do?

You're in the middle of a live session and suddenly you can't type - what should you do?

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Occasionally we get reports of students experiencing this problem, and generally we advise you to refresh your browser to kick-start the session. In most cases, this fixes the problem.

If it does continue to happen, it may be because one of the plug-ins installed in your browser is preventing chat from loading correctly.  In particular, we have recently become aware that the popular 'Grammarly' plug-in for Chrome browsers is causing issues.

If you have experienced chat issues and you have Grammarly installed in your browser, we recommend that you temporarily disable the plug-in for your chat, or alternatively start your session in an incognito window.

There may be other browser extensions that cause a similar issue.  If you would like to report an issue with our chat, and know the extensions that you have installed, please contact us at with details of the browser and extensions you're using so that we can resolve the issue in future.

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