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Writing Feedback: How it works
Writing Feedback: How it works

Get fast feedback on your writing, any day of the year.

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Studiosity is your go-to for ethical, fast feedback on your writing.

Just click on 'Submit your document' any time of day or night, to submit your document for feedback from one of our expert Writing Specialists.

Submitting your document

Once you've clicked on 'Submit your document', you'll need to tell us a little about the file you'd like us to review, and upload it. We support doc, docx, odt, txt or rtf files with a maximum word count of 8,000 words and file size under 4 MB.  

The page looks like this: 

You'll have just four simple and quick questions to fill out before hitting the 'Submit for Review' button. 

Please note you won't be able to submit your document until each field has a green 'tick' next to it.  If you attempt to send it without this, the 'Submit for Review' button won't work, or you will get red error messages like this:

We'll send you an email when your review is done.

Remember to mark emails from Studiosity as safe, otherwise your notification may end up in your spam folder!

Alternatively you can also log in to your Studiosity account and click on the 'My recent activity' tab in the top menu of your homepage and pick up your document there at any time.

Cancelling or updating your document 

You can also cancel or update your submission with a newer version from the 'My recent activity' menu, as long as its status is 'Submitted', and it has not yet been picked up for review by a specialist. If you update your submission, it won't lose its place in the queue!

Collecting your document

When you go to collect your document, you will see two tabs, like this:

Feedback Summary page:

Reviewed Document page:

In the top panel you'll see a link 'Submission details' where you can see the file name and any other details.

At the centre of the page, you will see the Feedback Summary, which is the overall summary of the strengths and weaknesses in your document. You'll see feedback grouped by focus areas (such as Language, Structure, Spelling and grammar).

When you're ready to view the whole thing, you can click on 'View Reviewed Document' on the left hand side, or toggle the tabs at the top.

You can then click on highlighted sections of text to see specific comments in the comments bar, and filter by focus area.

And of course, if you want a good old-fashioned hard copy of your document, you can click on Download PDF or Print in the top right-hand-corner. 

Viewing it on mobile

Want to collect your document on your phone? No worries, you can do that too. To make the most of the smaller mobile screen, you'll see a link at the bottom of your screen that allows you download a mobile-friendly PDF.

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