Whether English is your first, second or fifth language, we can help you improve your written skills.  Our English Writing Specialists can help you with language structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling and much more.

There are two ways we can help: our online and on-demand live service, and our 24/7 Writing Feedback service. 

Unless you're in a last minute panic and need help straight away, we recommend the Writing Feedback service as the most effective way to get help with your English and Academic Writing skills. Simply upload your document to us so that one of our Writing Specialists can review it and send it back within 24 hours with detailed feedback about how to make it better. Depending on what kind of document you've submitted, you'll get feedback on essay structure, language choice, how you've answered the question and your spelling and grammar.  For most tertiary level students, we can also give you feedback on that thing we all dread... referencing.

We have thousands of students already using this service, and they absolutely love it. It means they can get their work reviewed while they get on with other things, and will know that they won't be losing any marks for silly mistakes!

Student reviews:
"Wow, this service is amazing. English isn't my first language so I have always problems with grammar! Thanks guys!"  University Student, QLD.

"I am PhD candidate of environmental engineering and international student. I am from Korea and English is not my mother language, so I have a difficulties to write an essay in English. This is very helpful for my writing and the response is very fast. I would like to recommend 'Studiosity' to someone who has difficulties about writing." University Student, NSW.

"I am impressed how it helped me! You do not just correct the work, you highlight what to change with a clear good explanation. What is amazing with the feedback is that it corresponds totally to me and to what my teacher use to say. Really helps me to improve my English writing with positive feedback." Tertiary student, VIC.

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