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I'm trying to connect to a Specialist - why do I have to wait?
I'm trying to connect to a Specialist - why do I have to wait?

Information about wait times in the Connect Live service.

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On average, students are connected with a Specialist in less than 5 minutes, and often much more instantaneously, depending on the subject. During peak times when we experience higher demand for our live service, it can take longer than that.

Due to the on-demand nature of the service, and the fact that we deliver live study help to such a wide variety of students studying in different time zones, even our robust forecasting and staffing calculations can have a degree of variability.

We always work hard to address this issue, monitor wait times closely and have multiple notification systems in place to let Specialists know when students are waiting for help.

You can:

  1. Try to connect earlier on in the day, as our peak times are usually later in the evening (AU time).

  2. Ensure you allow notifications from us. That means if you're waiting in the queue, we'll send you a little notification in the top of your screen when a Specialist is available to help you.

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