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What is an Academic Writing Evaluation (AWE) task?
What is an Academic Writing Evaluation (AWE) task?

Different from the Writing Feedback service, Academic Writing Evaluation (AWE) provides the task and the feedback, too.

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Your university or education provider may assign you a mandatory Studiosity Academic Writing Evaluation task at the start of a new term or semester, as a way to get an idea of the writing abilities of a cohort of students. 

Note: Only students who have been assigned/tasked with completing an Academic Writing Evaluation are able to submit one. 

It's a simple writing exercise which will have a brief set of requirements to complete. There will be a deadline, and the exercise will require you to either answer a question, or read a text carefully, and write your response to question/s based on the text, in academic style (using references, etc).

You'll then receive comprehensive feedback from one of our English writing specialists, as with the Writing Feedback service. The main difference is, rather than the feedback telling you how to improve that particular piece of writing, it will highlight strengths and weaknesses in your writing in a more generalised way, drawing your attention to different areas of academic writing, which you may want to look out for in future assignments. 

See how to download or upload your Academic Writing Evaluation task. 

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