What is Personal Information?

What constitutes 'personal information', and why you should not provide it or upload documents that contain it to Studiosity.

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Personal information is any personally identifiable information about yourself, including your name, student number, residential address, or phone number, for example. 

When you sign up to use Studiosity and accept our Terms of Use, we will collect some basic personal information about you including your name and email address, in order to provide access to our Writing Feedback and Connect Live services and to contact you about your usage (e.g., ‘Your feedback is ready to collect’ emails). This information is secured and protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We may also ask you to provide your year level and the name of your course, so we can provide the most relevant study support based on your individual needs. 

We do not specifically require any additional personal information about you within any documents you submit, or during any communication you may have with a Subject Specialist in a live session.

For example: when you upload your essay, the first page may be a title page which contains your name, phone number, contact email address, student id, course number, course name and perhaps the name of the lecturer you will be submitting to.

This information is entirely optional and it's up to you whether you decide to remove it or not. We recommend removing personal information (as, in any case, it does contribute to the word count of the document and it will be ignored by the specialist, as they don’t provide feedback on this information). 

If you decide not to remove this kind of information, we will still always treat it with the respect and security it deserves (per our Privacy Policy) even though we have no intention of actually doing anything with it.

Our staff and specialists are trained and required as a condition of employment not to store, duplicate, divulge or otherwise use your personal information in any way other than what is outlined in Studiosity’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. So, your information is always safe with us. 

However, it is best practice not to share your personal information in any online platform, for your own safety and privacy.

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