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Can I speak to a specialist rather than use typed chat?
Can I speak to a specialist rather than use typed chat?
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Yes, you can. 😊

Our platform uses both typed chat and the option to make a voice call, so that you can choose which method you prefer, to communicate fastest and easiest. You can even use both at the same time!

Starting a voice call with a Specialist is super easy - press the green 'call' button once you're in a session.

Screen recording of starting a voice call in a Studiosity live session

It is your choice, as a student, if and when to start and end the voice call. You can still conduct the entire session by typed chat if you prefer, or only use voice if you prefer.

Once the session is complete, it is stored in your account and you can access the recording and chat transcript any time. Simply go to the 'My recent activity' tab in your Studiosity dashboard and find the session under 'Connect Live'.

Inside the Studiosity mobile app, you can use voice-to-text technology to convert your spoken voice into the chat session. If you can see the microphone icon on your device's keyboard, you can use it within the app without any issues and your message will be translated to text for the specialist to read. Β 

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