The easiest way to link your account to the app is with a 'magic' link we send you via email.

Once you have downloaded the Studiosity app to your phone, you need to generate the magic link email. 

Step 1: Either open the app and type in your email (the same one you use with your Studiosity account), or log in to Studiosity on your computer and click the 'Send Email' button on the right hand side of your student dashboard:

Step 2: Tap the link in the email we send you. Make sure you are using your phone to open and click the link in the email. This will take you straight into the Studiosity mobile app and link your account.

Alternatively, you can click on 'Get app link code instead'. 

This will generate a unique 8-digit number which you will use in the app to connect your account. 

If you can't see the button on your student dashboard, click the 'profile icon in the top right hand corner' and select 'Link mobile app' from the drop-down menu.

Inside the Studiosity app, select 'Log in with an app link code' and enter the code.

That's it! You should only need to link the mobile app the first time you open the app, although from time to time you may by asked to link it again (eg at the start of a new semester / teaching period, or if you transition into a different year level). We'll prompt you if this is required.

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