How To Enable Javascript

To use our service, you'll need to run Javascript in your browser. Here are the steps on how to enable it.

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Our service requires Javascript to be turned on and running on your browser.

To get the best experience, follow the instructions below to enable Javascript.


  1. Navigate to the hamburger menu on the right hand corner of your browser and click on Settings.

2. Scroll down and click on the Show advanced settings... link.

3. Go to Privacy and click on Content settings...

4. Scroll down to JavaScript and make sure that the Allow all sites to run JavaScript option is enabled


Alternatively, you can manage exceptions and type in and set the behaviour as Allow.

Note: Most websites need javascript enabled so we do suggest the first option rather than only allowing specific sites to run javascript.


  1. Type about:config on your address bar
    (If you get the ‘warranty’ message simply click ‘I accept the risk!’. It’s ok it’s just a warning.)

  2. Type in javascript.enabled and make sure that the Value column is set as ‘true

  3. If the value is set as false, simply double click on the javascript.enabled row to set the value as true.


  1. Navigate to Safari on the top left corner of your screen and click on Preferences.

  2. Navigate to the Security tab.

  3. Check that the Enable JavaScript box is ticked.

Internet Explorer 10/11

  1. Click on the Tools icon on the right hand corner of the browser and select Internet Options

  2. Navigate to the Security tab.

  3. Click on the Custom level… button under Security level for this zone.

  4. Scroll down and locate Scripting and make sure it’s set to Enable.

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