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How does Studiosity work?
How does Studiosity work?

How to get fast feedback from the right place.

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Asking for feedback on your work is an essential part of learning. So when you want to better understand a concept or check you're on the right track, we're here for you. There are two main ways you can get feedback on your writing or study questions from our Specialists; here's a little more information about how they work:

Writing Feedback

If you're working on an essay or assignment (or any piece of writing, including a CV or Cover Letter) and would like to get feedback on how to improve it, upload it at any time of day or night, and we'll send it back to you with detailed feedback on how you can improve your writing. Simply click 'Submit your document' from your Studiosity dashboard and follow the prompts.

We support doc, docx, odt, txt or rtf files and file size under 4 MB.

We will then review it and send it back to you with personalised feedback, on your structure, grammar, spelling, language, referencing and more.

So you don't miss your feedback while on the go, download our mobile app, and you can view it on your phone.

Alternatively you can also log in to your Studiosity account and click on the 'My recent activity' tab in the top menu and pick up your feedback there. When you collect your document, it will look like this:
​Feedback Summary page:

Reviewed Document page:

​Want to collect your document on your phone? No worries, you can do that too. To make the most of the smaller mobile screen, you'll see a link at the bottom of your screen that allows you download a mobile-friendly PDF.

Connect Live

When you're working on a question and want to chat to someone about it, our Connect Live service is the place to go. You can use it for a wide range of subjects including English, maths, sciences, and study skills. To connect live with a seriously smart person who can guide you through your question, click on the 'Connect now' button on your Studiosity account homepage.

Once you're connected with a Subject Specialist, you can work through your question using typed or voice chat, and draw problems or equations on the online whiteboard. As soon as you're happy you understand the problem, you can continue with your studies until you have another question. Here's a snippet from a recent interaction that a student had with one of our maths specialists:

You can find out a bit more about how we connect you with a Subject Specialist here.

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