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I'm at Uni, college, TAFE or Poly. How do I access my Studiosity account?
I'm at Uni, college, TAFE or Poly. How do I access my Studiosity account?

University and higher education students are required to log in via their student learning portal. Here's how.

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Many students at universities, colleges and TAFEs have access to Studiosity, thanks to their institution. To access your account you will need to sign in via your student learning portal - you may know it as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Connect, or a number of other names. 

To access your Studiosity service, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your student learning portal. If it's easier, you can find your portal here.

  2. Find the Studiosity link. For some students, it will be on your student portal homepage - but if not, you may have to click on your individual course links to find it. Here is an example of a Studiosity link to look for:

  3. Click on the Studiosity link. You won't need to enter an email or password as your provider just passes that information to us so that we know you're eligible to use our service.  You'll just need to create a 4-digit PIN to secure your account, so every time you access Studiosity after that, you enter your PIN to confirm your identity.

  4. That's it! Now you'll be logged in to your own Studiosity account where you can access fast feedback on your assignments, and one-to-one live support in English, maths, sciences, and study skills, even on the weekends.

If you have any trouble getting in, contact us at so we can guide you through.

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