Depending on how you access our service, you may only have a certain number of minutes to use in your account. 

If you have an individual account that you pay for yourself, your minutes balance is located down the bottom of your account homepage:

If you have free access thanks to your education provider and they apply a limit to your usage, you'll see your allocation on the right-hand side of your account page as follows:

Some providers will allow you to have a set number of submissions, for example three per semester; others will limit usage to minutes.  If you notice your cap to be based on minutes not submissions, this chart shows how we calculate usage:

Tips for getting the most from your minutes:

  • Remove any cover sheets, assessment criteria or other superfluous information from your document if they are not necessary for the tutor to review. 

  • If you are submitting a second or subsequent draft and have only updated parts of your work, you may only wish to send a partial document for review.  If you choose to do this, you should explain this when you fill out the submission form so that the specialist reviewing  your document understands it's only a partial document.

  • Any referencing in your document will be included in your word count.  If you don't need it checked, or your university doesn't allow referencing feedback to be given, ensure you remove referencing before you submit your document.

What if I need more minutes?
If your school or university provides the service for you, they are likely to have asked for your minutes to be capped to give everyone a fair chance of using the service. Students who would like to get additional time, are welcome to sign up for an individual account and purchase additional minutes here.  Please note that you'll need to use a different email address and, unfortunately, won't be able to link your accounts.

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