Online Peer Support allows students to connect to other students from their university, college or TAFE to get help with course-specific content.

The Online Peer Mentors are high-achieving students who have been hand-picked by their institute to help their peers with specific course content and task requirements (anything from 201 Nursing to 101 Criminal Justice to 567 Underwater Law). 

If you have access to Online Peer Support , you will see it in your dashboard once logged into your Studiosity account. You can simply select the subject you need help with and click 'Ask a question' to connect to an Online Peer Mentor. The service is limited to specific hours of the day, so check the opening hours on your dashboard before you get started.

Of course, you can still get help 24/7 from our Subject Specialists, in core skills  - like when you’re stuck on a foundation concept (in English, maths, physics, chemistry), or general academic skills (research, writing, referencing, etc). 

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