Will I be getting help from a bot?
Updated over a week ago

You'd be surprised how often we get asked this question. Doesn't say much about the other options out there does it? But you can be assured the help you receive is from real, thinking and feeling human beings. We're proud of our team. They're proud of the results they deliver to our students.

After all, would a robot be able to get this kind of response from one of our happy students?

"Sean C is very helpful. Please give him like a box of chocolates or something from me :)"

(2 hours later) 

"Everyone on here is so supportive and helpful. Can you buy them all boxes of chocolate please. I'll pay :)"

(one hour later....) 

":) fourth time tonight guys.. Im so pathetic.. Don't forget about the chocolates."

Year 10 student from Wyong NSW, getting help with essay writing.

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